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Cartographers and Publishers
Bénard, Jacques François Paris ?-before 1751, activ engraver, publisher details
Böckler, Georg Andreas 2nd half 17th centur Frankfurt, Nrnberg details
Böhme, August Gottlob 1719-1797 cartographer details
Büchel, Emanuel Zürich 1705-1775 draughtsman, engraver (for Herrliberger) details
Büeler, Johann Jakob Benken (CH) 1753-1819 teacher, priest, cartographer details
Bünau, Heinrich von (Graf) 1697-1762 minister, historian details
Büsching, Anton Friedrich 1724-1793 geographer details
B., J. G. end 18th century engineer, geographer details
Baarsel, Cornelis van Utrecht, Amsterdam 1761-1826 engraver details
Baarsel, Willem Cornelius van Utrecht, Amsterdam 1791-1854 engraver details
Bachiene, W.A. Maastricht 1771-1779 dominee details
Back, Johann Konrad Frankfurt a.M., London, Offenbach active ca. 1750-1765 engraver (for W. Buna) details
Bacler d'Albe, Louis Albert Ghislain 1761-1824 engineer, geographer, engraver details
Bader, Emmerich Felix Regensburg, Wien (since 1738) active 1732-1771 book/mapseller details
Baeck, Elias Augsburg 1679-1747 engraver, draughtsman details
Bailleul Francois Paris active ca. 1720-1760 engraver details
Bailleul, Gaspard Paris fl. 1700-1744 engraver details
Bailleul, Nicolas Paris active ca. 1720-1760 engraver details
Baisier Paris 18th century engraver details
Baker, Robert Antigua 18th century surveyor details
Bakker, Frans de Amsterdam fl. 1736-1767 engraver, mapmaker details
Baldaeus, Philippus Sri Lanka, India 1632-1672 missionary, traveller details
Baldini, Vittorio Ferrara 1598-1618 engraver, publisher details
Baldwin London 1st half 19th centur publishers (with different partners: Cradock, Joy) details
Baldwin, Robert London ?-1810 publisher details
Balleis, Marcarius Stuttgart 1761-1790 engraver details
Bamburg map of the Dardanelles 17th century captain, cartographer details
Baquoy, Jean-Charles Paris 1721-1777 engraver details
Baquoy, Maurice Paris 1680-1747 engraver details
Baraga, Franz Xaver Ljubljana 2nd half 18th centur Austrian engineer details
Barat, Valentina Venezia engraver (for Zatta) details
Barateri, Marco Antonio about 1700 cartographer details
Barbey, Antonio Roma 2nd half 17th centur engraver (for Rossi) details
Barbié du Bocage, Jean Denis 1760-1825 geographer details
Barbot, Jean (or John) ?-1720 traveller (Western Africa) details
Barde, Jean Paul Geneve 1754-1798 publisher, book/mapseller, printer, 1784-1794 together with G. J. Mange details
Barnickel, Johannes Christoph Mitau (Kurland) ?-1746 details
Barnsley, Henry 1742-1794 captain, cartographer details
Baroni, Angela (or Angelo?) Venezia engraver details
Barriere le pere 1764-1823 engraver details
Barriere, Daniel Alexis Francois 1793-? engraver details
Barriere, Pierre Jean Louis 1789-? engraver details
Barrington, Daines 1727-1800 details
Barrow, John London, Africa 1764-1848 explorer details
Bartholomé, Paul Thomas about 1800 engraver details
Bartholomai, Daniel 1674-1761 book/mapseller, publisher Ulm after 1728: "Bartholomai and son" details
Bartholomai, Daniel Ulm ?-1764, active since book/mapseller, publisher details
Barzellini, Jakob 2nd half 18th centur cartographer details
Basset, André Paris fl. 1749-1783 publisher details
Basset, Paul-André Paris fl. 1785-1812 publisher details
Baston, Thomas England 1st half 18th centur painter details
Baudartius, Willem Deinze (Belgium), Zutphen (Netherlands) 1565-1640 Theologian details
Baudoin, Gaspar cartographer details
Baudrand, Michel Antoine 1633-1700 priest (Abb�), geographer details
Bauer, Friedrich Wilhelm von 1731-1783 military cartographer (in Russian and Prussian service) details
Baumeister, Johann Jakob von 18th century engineer, officer details
Baumgartner, Friedrich Gotthelf Leipzig 1759-1843 publisher, book/mapseller, historian details
Beaublé end 18th century engraver (for Brion de la Tour) details
Beauchene, Jacques Gouin de 1652-1730 explorer, mariner details
Beaufort, Daniel Augustus Ireland 1739-1821 cartographer details
Beaulieu, Sebastien de Pontault de Paris 1612-1674 draughtsman, publisher details
Beaumont, Simon de 's-Gravenhage beginning 18th centu publisher details
Beaurain, Jean de Paris 1696-1772 royal geographer, cartographer details
Beauvais, Charles Nicolas Dauphin de Paris 1730-1783 engraver details
Beck, Anton August Braunschweig 1713-1787 engraver, historian details
Beck, Jakob Friedrich Aarau end 18th/beginning 1 printer after 1803: authoritarian printer (obrigkeitlicher Buchdrucker) details
Beck, Johann Georg Augsburg, Braunschweig (after 1706) 1676-1722 engraver details
Beckeringh, Theodorus 1712-.. Groningen Judge details
Beeck, Anna 's-Gravenhage active 1697-1717 engraver, publisher details
Befoet, I. V. 's-Gravenhage fl. about 1750 engraver details
Beins, Jean de Paris, Grenoble 1577-1651 royal cartographer details
Bek, I. about 1780 engraver (for Weigel/Schneider) details
Bel, Pierre 1742-1813 cartographer, engineer details
Belgrano, Giovanni Maria Italy 17th century engraver details
Belin, Nicolaus engraver (for Rossi) Roma details
Bell'Armato, Girolamo Siena 1493-1560 mathematician, geographer details
Bellanger Paris 2nd half 18th centur engraver (for Denis) details
Belleyme, Pierre de 1747-1819 cartographer details
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas 1703-1772 cartographer, engineer (Departement de la marine) details
Belon, Pierre Paris 1517-1564 naturalist, humanist, traveller details
Bencard, Johann Konrad Augsburg ?-1720 publisher details
Benedetti, Ignazio Roma end 18th century engraver, mapmaker details
Benedicti, Hieronymus Wien ca. 1756-1809 engraver (for Schrambl) details
Bennett, John London ?-1787 publisher (1770-84 together with Robert Sayer) details
Benning, Robert fl. 1745-1760 engraver details
Benoit, Franz Christian von Ratzeburg 1729-1812 military cartographer details
Benoit, J. B. Marseille (ösur le portö) publisher details
Benteli, Ludwig Rudolf Bern 1760-1839 engraver details
Bercheyck, Laurens Lodewyk van 18th century cartographer details
Berckenrode, Balthasar Florisz. van Delft 1591-1644 engraver, cartographer details
Berey, Charles Amadeus de Paris fl. 1700-1720 engraver (for Delisle) details
Berey, Nicolas Paris ?-1665 engraver, book/mapseller details
Berey, Nicolas Paris ?-1667 engraver, book/mapseller details
Berg, Pieter van den 2nd half 16th centur cartographer details
Berger, Daniel Berlin 1744-1825 engraver details
Berger, Friedrich Gottlieb Berlin 1713-after 1798 engraver details
Berghaus, Heinrich Berlin 1797-1884 cartographer, geographer details
Berka, Johann Praha 1758-after 1815 engraver details
Berken, Johann Hungary, Wien 1765-1822 engraver details
Berlié 18th century priest (Abb‚) details
Berlin Paris 18th century engraver details
Bermont, P. L. 18th century engineer details
Bernard, Johann Wien 18th century engraver details
Berndt, Johann Christian Nurnberg 1748-1812 engraver details
Berndt, Johann Christoph Nurnberg 1735-? engraver details
Berndt, Johann Christoph Nurnberg 1707-1798 engraver details
Bernigeroth, Martin Friedrich Leipzig, Switzerland 1737-1801 engraver, draughtsman details
Bernoulli, Daniel Basel 1700-1782 mathematician details
Berthault, Pierre Gabriel Paris 1748-1819 engraver (for Bonne, Lattr‚) details
Berthe Paris about 1835 engraver, publisher details
Berthoud, Jean Jacques Switzerland 1711-1784 draughtsman, engraver details
Bertius, Petrus Leiden 1565-1629 theologian, geographer details
Besançon, J. P. fl. 1798-1835 engraver (D‚p“t de la marine) details
Besson, Jean Paris active 1685-1706 publisher, geographer details
Bestehorn, L. S. draughtsman details
Betgen, Johann Friedrich Gusev (Gumbinnen) surveyor details
Beuch, Daniel Ravensburg, München ?-1670 painter details
Beuther, Johann Konrad ?-1783 engineer, mathematician details
Beutler, Clemens 1623-1682 mapmaker, painter (for Merian) details
Bianchi, Giovanni Paolo 1640-? engraver, draughtsman details
Bianchi, Giulio Cesare Milano about 1760 engraver details
Biering, Johann Albrecht Mansfeld, Eisleben ?-ca. 1750 theologian, pastor details
Biesse (Offizin) Lyon 1st half 18th centur publisher details
Binet engraver details
Blödner, Cyriak 1672-1733 architect, cartographer details
Black - 19th century - details
Blaeu, Cornelis Amsterdam fl. ca. 1635-1645 cartographer, publisher details
Blaeu, Joan Amsterdam 1596-1673 cartographer, publisher details
Blaeu, Joan Amsterdam fl. 1685-1695 publisher details
Blaeu, Willem Janszoon Amsterdam 1571-1638 cartographer, publisher details
Blair, John 1768 details
Blaizot, Pierre Versailles end 18th century book/mapseller details
Blamey, Jacob 2nd half 18th centur cartographer details
Blanchot map of Senegal 18th century cartographer (?) details
Blanck, Johann Leonhard engraver details
Blankaart, Nicolaas Leiden 1625-1703 historian details
Blanmont, E. A. de engraver details
Blaskowitz, Charles fl. 1760-1823 cartographer details
Bloemswaerdt, C. C. van Holland cartographer details
Blondeau, Alexandre Paris 1799-1828 engraver details
Blondel, François Paris 1617-1686 architect details
Blum von Kempen, Heinrich Wilhelm von Wien 1756-1797 cartographer details
Blussé Publisher details
Boazio, Baptista Italy, England 1585-1606 naval cartographer details
Bodenehr, Gabriel Augsburg 1634-1727 engraver details
Bodenehr, Gabriel Augsburg 1664-1758 engraver, publisher details
Bodenehr, Georg Conrad Augsburg 1673-1716 engraver, publisher details
Bodenehr, Johann Georg Augsburg 1631-1704 engraver, publisher details
Bodmer, Hans Heinrich Zürich 1621-1689 printer details
Bodmer, Hans Heinrich Zürich (until 1720) 1669-1743 printer details
Bodmer, Hans Jakob Zürich 1585-1629 printer details
Bodmer, Hans Jakob Zürich 1617-1676 printer details
Bodmer, Samuel Bern 1652-1724 surveyor details
Boeckel, Peter Hamburg, Schwerin, Güstrow ca. 1530-1599 painter, cartographer details
Bohn, Carl Ernst Hamburg end 18th century publisher (Sotzmann) details
Bohn, Francois Haarlem 19th century Engraver details
Bohn, P. D. 18th century engineer details
Bohnenberger, Johann Gottlieb Friedrich Tübingen 1765-1831 astronomer, mathematician, surveyor details
Boileau de Bouillon, Gilles ca. 1510-after 1560 cartographer details
Boisseau, Jean Paris active ca. 1630-1650 publisher details
Boizot, F. L. engraver details
Bolstra, Melchior Leiden 1703-1776 cartographer details
Bolts, William (or Willem) Calcutta (1759-1768), London, Paris ca. 1740-1808 merchant, adventurer, author details
Bompare, Pierre Jean 2nd half 16th centur cartographer details
Bonacina, Giovanni Battista 2nd half 17th centur engraver details
Bonfrêre, Jacques Douai, Tournai 1573-1642 Jesuit, professor details
Bonn, J. G. end 18th century cartographer details
Bonne, Rigobert 1727-1795 mathematician, hydrographer, cartographer (for Lattr‚) details
Boom, Dirk Amsterdam 17th century Bookseller and Printer details
Boom, Hendrik Amsterdam 17th century Bookseller and Printer details
Borcht, Hendrik van den Bruxelles, Frankfurt a. M. 1583-1660 draughtsman (for Merian) details
Borda, Jean-Charles 1733-1799 mathematician details
Bordiga, Benedetto Milano 1768-1847 engraver, publisher details
Bordiga, Gaudenzio Milano 1773-1837 engraver, publisher details
Borgonio, Giovanni Tomaso ca. 1620-after 1684 cartographer details
Bormeester, Jochem Amsterdam 1670-1690 publisher details
Bos, P.R. Warfum 1847-1902 School teacher details
Bosch, J. van den 's Gravenhage 19th century General-Major details
Boschini, Marco Venezia 1613-1678 printer, engraver, book/mapseller details
Boscovich, Ruggiero Giuseppe Dubrovnik, Roma 1711-1787 astronomer, geographer details
Bossange, Hector 1795-1865 book/mapseller details
Bossange, Martin 1766-1865 book/mapseller details
Bouchard, Giuseppe Firenze 18th century publisher details
Bouchet end 17th century engraver details
Boudan, Alexandre Paris ca. 1600-1671 engraver, publisher, book/mapseller details
Boudet, Antoine Paris ?-1787 book/mapseller, publisher details
Boudewyns, Adriaen Frans Bruxelles, Paris 1644-1711 painter, etcher details
Bougainville, Louis-Antoine de 1729-1811 navigator, explorer, hydrographer, cartographer details
Bouge, Jean Baptiste de Wien, Belgium 1757-1833 cartographer details
Bouguer, Pierre 1698-1758 cartographer details
Boullanger end 18th century cartographer, royal engineer (worked for Lattr‚) details
Bourgeois de Bonvillard, H. F. details
Bourgoin engraver (Carte de France) details
Bourgoin, Pierre fl. 1740-1780 engraver, publisher details
Bousquet, Marc-Michel Lausanne, Genêve 1696-1763 printer, publisher, book/mapseller details
Boutesteyn, Cornelis 18th century publisher details
Boutrois beginning 19th centu engraver details
Bouttats, Gaspard Anvers 1634-ca. 1690 draughtsman, engraver details
Bouttats, Philibert Anvers, 's-Gravenhage ca. 1654-? publisher, engraver, book/mapseller details
Bouvet de Lozier, Jean Baptiste Charles 1705-1786 cartographer details
Bovinet, Giraldon about 1830 details
Bowen, Emanuel England 1720-1767 publisher, engraver details
Bowen, Thomas England 1749-1790 Map seller details
Bowles, Carington England 1724-1793 publisher details
Bowles, John England 1701-1779 publisher details
Bowles, Thomas England 1712-? publisher details
Bowles, Thomas England ?-1763 publisher details
Brémond, Laurent Marseille publisher details
Brüchmann Lüneburg, Hannover captain details
Brüggemann, Ludwig Wilhelm Szczecin (Stettin) 1743-1817 theologian, geographer details
Brühl, Johann Benjamin Leipzig 1691-1763 engraver details
Braakensiek, A. Amsterdam 19th century Publisher and engraver details
Braakman, Adriaan Amsterdam 1691-1708 Bookseller and publisher details
Braam, van Publisher details
Brahe, Tycho 1546-1601 astronomer details
Brandis, Franz Adam ?-1695 historian details
Braun, Georg 1541-1622 geographer, publisher details
Braun, Heinrich editor, draughtsman details
Bree, A. de cartographer details
Bree, I. de cartographer details
Breislak, Scipione Roma, Milano 1748-1826 physicist, geologist details
Breitinger, David Zürich 1763-1834 precision engineer, surveyor details
Breitinger, David Zürich 1789-1815 engineer details
Breitkopf, Johann Gottlob Immanuel Leipzig 1719-1794 printer, publisher details
Bresson, Jean Antoine Marseille 2nd half 18th centur publisher details
Briet, Philippe Paris 1601-1668 Jesuit, professor, geographer, historian details
Briffaut, Etienne Wien active 1730-45 publisher, book/mapseller details
Brion de la Tour, Louis Paris 1765-1823 cartographer details
Brissart, Pierre Paris ?-1682 engraver (for Duval, Jaillot) details
Broebes, Jean Baptiste Bremen, Berlin ca. 1660-after 1720 engraver, architect, officer details
Broeck, Abraham van den 1616-1688 engraver details
Broen, Joannes de Amsterdam 1649-1730 engraver details
Broenner, Heinrich Ludwig Frankfurt a. M. 18th century publisher details
Brognoli, Bernardo Verona, Mantua 1539-1583 cartographer details
Brouwer, Hendrik Amsterdam 1581-1643 surveyor, traveller (South America) details
Browne, Christopher London fl. 1684-1712 cartographer, publisher details
Browne, William George London 1768-1813 traveller (Africa, Orient), author details
Bruckner, Daniel Basel details
Bruckner, Isaak Basel 1686-1762 geographer, cartographer details
Bruegel, Pieter ca. 1564-1638 painter details
Brune, Johan de Zeeland 1588-1658 Lord and writer details
Brunet, Roch 18th century engraver (Carte de France) details
Brunner, Christoph Basel 1696-1733 draughtsman details
Bruns, Paul Jakob Helmst„dt 1743-1814 theologian, professor (oriental literature), librarian details
Brupacher Bern engraver, draughtsman details
Bruppacher, Heinrich Zürich 1758-1835 engraver details
Bruyn, G. de Belgium 17th century landscape-painter, architecture-draughtsman details
Bruyn, Sebastiaen de Anvers 17th century painter details
Bry, Theodor de Frankfurt/Main 1528-1598 engraver, book/mapseller, art dealer, publisher details
Bryan, Hugh Carolina, Georgia 18th century surveyor details
Buache de la Neuville, Jean Nicolas Paris 1741-1825 curator, geographer details
Buache, Daniel Genêve about 1800 cartographer details
Buache, Philippe Paris 1700-1773 geographer, cartographer details
Bufalini, Francesco Roma fl. 1670-1684 architecture-draughtsman, engraver details
Bufalino, Leonardo Roma 16th century cartographer details
Buffa, Baltazar Strasbourg end 18th century book/mapseller details
Buisson Marseille end 18th century book/mapseller details
Buisson, F. Paris end 18th/beginning 1 publisher details
Bull, William governor of South Carolina 1683-1755 surveyor, lieutenant details
Buna, Wilhelm C. Frankfurt a. M. cartographer details
Bunnik, H. Holland end 18th/beginning 1 lieutenant details
Buno, Conrad Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel ?-1671 draughtsman, engraver details
Buntadini, Buntadino di Venezia 17th century details
Bureus, Andreas Sweden 1571-1646 cartographer, mathematician, royal secretary, architect details
Burght, Willebrord van der 17th century cartographer details
Burkhard, Christoph Basel 18th century engraver details
Busch, Cornelius van den 17th century quarter master (Thirty Years' War) details
Busch, Georg Paul Berlin ?-1756 engraver details
Bussche, Georg Wilhelm von details
Bussemacher, Johannes Köln fl. 1580-1613 cartographer, engraver, publisher details
Buttet Santo Domingo (Anville's map "sur les memoires de Bu before 1730 details
Butty 18th century draughtsman, engraver (for Herrliberger) details
Byron, John 1723-1786 circumnavigator details

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