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Atlasandmap RSS service

What is RSS?

RSS is a simple way to get the hottest news from a newsserver of website (who provides rss).
You can get the updates form your favorite sites and chanels without visiting the sites. The only thing you need is a RSS reader
You can get the rss data by adding a chanel to your rss reader or website. After that you get automatic the updates of the site in short lines.

RSS readers

You can download RSS readers from the internet.
Below a few sites providing a RSS reader:
Freereader (Windows)
Awasu (Windows)
BottomFeeder (Windows, Linux and Mac)

It is also possible to use a website for your RSS. The advantage of using them os that you can reed your channels over the world on your account. Against that: you have to open the website, it is a little bit slower:

The Atlasandmap news channels

You can add the atlasandmap channels to copy these links to your reader:


You get the ten latest added maps on this channel.

Cartogrphers database

You can follow the moving cartographers database (ten updates).

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