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Cartographers and Publishers
Tacitus, Publius Cornelius ca. 56-ca. 120 historiographer, Roman governor details
Tanner, Benjamin New York 1775-1848 engraver (for Carey, Winterbotham, Marshall) details
Tarde, Jean 1561-1636 canon, mathematician, publisher details
Tardieu, Ambroise Paris 1788-1841 engraver details
Tardieu, Antoine-François Paris 1757-1822 engraver details
Tardieu, Charles-Jean Paris 1765-1830 engraver details
Tardieu, Jacques-Nicolas Paris 1716-1791 engraver details
Tardieu, Jean-Baptiste Paris 1746-1816 engraver details
Tardieu, Louise Françoise Paris 1719-1762 engraver details
Tardieu, Nicolas Henri Paris 1674-1749 engraver details
Tardieu, Pierre-François Paris 1711-1771 engraver details
Tassin, Christophe Dijon ?-1660 royal geographer details
Tauferer, Siegfried von Austria ?-1796 captain, cartographer details
Tavernier, Gabriel 1566-1610 engraver (for Bouguereau) details
Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste 1605-1689 traveller, diplomat details
Tavernier, Melchior Paris 1564-1641 engraver, publisher details
Tavernier, Melchior Paris 1594-1665 engraver, publisher details
Taylor, Isaac 1730-1807 cartographer, engraver details
Techo, Nicolas South America 17th century surveyor details
Tela, Pio Torino after ca. 1790 engraver details
Templeux, Damien de ?-about 1620 cartographer details
Terreni, Giuseppe Maria Livorno 1739-1811 engraver details
Terry, L. 2nd half 18th centur cartographer details
Terskij, Lev Sankt Peterburg 2nd half 18th centur engraver details
Testone, Giulio Roma engraver details
Teucher, Daniel 1691-1754 draughtsman, cartographer, painter details
Thévenot, Melchisédech ca. 1620-1692 traveller details
Thellung von Courtelary, Victor Emmanuel Holland, Biel 1760-1842 cartographer, officer details
Thelott, Johann Gottfried Augsburg ca. 1711-1775 engraver details
Therbu, L. end 18th century lieutenant, engineer details
Thieme Netherlands details
Thierry - 19th century - details
Thomann, Hans Heinrich Zürich 1612-1655 draughtsman (for Merian) details
Thomas, Christian Ludwig Frankfurt a.M. 1757-1817 geographer, cartographer, book/mapseller details
Thornton, John end 17th/beginning 1 book/mapseller, engraver, hydrographer details
Thran, Christian middle 18th century gardener, draughtsman details
Thuillier Paris end 18th/beginning 1 engraver details
Thurneysen, Emanuel Basel 1749-1806 printer details
Thurneysen, Johann Jakob Strasbourg, Lyon (1656-1681) 1636-1711 engraver details
Thurneysen, Maria Salomea Basel 1662-1742 publisher details
Tideman, Philip Amsterdam engraver (for Valck, Covens and Mortier) details
Tinney, John England ?-1761 publisher, book/mapseller details
Tirion, Isaak Amsterdam ?-1769 book/mapseller details
Tischbein, Georg Heinrich 1755-1848 engraver details
Tischbein, Johann Heinrich Kassel 1722-1789 etcher, painter details
Titi, Filippo end 17th century cartographer details
Tofiño de San Miguel, Vicente Spain 1732-1795 naval cartographer details
Toms, William Henry London fl. 1723-1758 engraver, printseller, publisher details
Touzet Paris 2nd half 18th centur engraver details
Tralles, Johann Georg Bern 1763-1822 mathematician, scientist details
Tramezini, Michael Venice, Rome 1550ca Publisher details
Trassler, Joseph Georg Wien, Brno (after 1786) 1759-1816 publisher, printer details
Trattner, Johann Thomas von Wien 1717-1798 printer, publisher details
Traux, Maximilian de Austria 1766-1817 engineer officer, military cartographer details
Treisz, Ant. Amsterdam 18th century engraver details
Trenckmann, Johann Paul Thüringen 1675-1747 cartographer details
Treuer, A. F. Berlin cartographer details
Treuttel, Johann Georg Strasbourg 1744-1826 book/mapseller details
Treytorrens, Emanuel de 18th century cartographer (for Herrliberger) details
Trinquier, Jean 17th century priest, cartographer details
Troil, Uno von Uppsala 1746-1803 archbishop, politician, author details
Troyen, Jan van Bruxelles, Wien about 1610-? engraver, etcher details
Trummer, Christian Martin Wien, Nürnberg 1784-? engraver details
Truskot, Ivan Fomic St. Petersburg 1721-1786 geographer details
Tschudi, Aegidius Glarus 1505-1572 politician, cartographer details
Tschudi, Johann Heinrich Schwanden 1670-1729 priest details
Tulla, Johann Gottfried Baden 1770-1828 military engineer details
Tulpin Paris 18th century engraver details
Tyroff, Hermann Jakob Nürnberg 1742-ca. 1800 engraver details
Tyroff, Johann David Nürnberg 1730-? engraver details
Tyroff, Martin Augsburg, Nürnberg 1704-1759 engraver, publisher details

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