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Kuypermaps (Kuyperkaarten)

Maps of the famous community atlas by Kuyper
Find your dutch roots!
Search on the name of a city, village, neighbourhood, castle or farm.
We tried to describe every village and spot mentioned on each map.

Even individual farms and houses are drawn in 1865:
example of a Kuyper municipality map. Individual houses are drawn.

The most wanted maps of the Netherlands

Between 1865 an 1868 Jacob Kuyper drew 1200 plans of all dutch communities in the Gemeente Atlas published by Hugo Suringar in Leeuwarden.
Jacob Kuyper was the most important dutch cartographer of the 19th century and founder of the Royal Dutch Geography Society (KNAG).
The high degree of detail and large scale make these maps a popular historical object and the maps are widely collected and are a wanted gift.

Municipalities per region

We can offer the original maps of allmost every municipality/community:

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