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About us: the owners of if the website for antique maps and prints and is led by Sjoerd and Hedda Gardien from Gagal Galeries.

Cartographer: love for maps and mapping

Sjoerd Gardien studied Surveying / Geo-Informatics at the University of Utrecht.
During the course which was still called Cartography in the previous year, his love for old maps grew. Sjoerd often visited Antiquarians to have a look at old atlases and maps which were always well above his student budget.
On a trip with Hedda (then girlfriend) to Arnhem, they found an old atlas in a large pile at Dutch book store De Slegte. It first had to be valued. For 120 guilders is was his.
Proud of this new possession, enthusiasm grew. With the emerging Internet and its marketplaces and auctions, the collection became bigger and bigger.

First maps website in the Netherlands?

With the purchase of a historical atlas of the Netherlands and the possibility of building a website at his internet provider Sjoerd built the maps website "Netherlands through the ages" in 1997 (now no longer in existence, after changing internet provider). This was the first website on maps in the Netherlands so far.
By working in cartography and Geographic Information Systems, the knowledge of websites quickly grew and the website was built with the idea to serve as an international market place for antique maps. With some other dealers maps were sold on the website in the late nineties, then still in a hobby phase.

Opening Gallery

In 2008, Hedda and Sjoerd opened Gagal Galleries in a beautiful shopbuilding in Wildervank. There they organised art exhibitions and started selling maps professionally outside the internet as well.
Most of the business today is run at our websites, and in Dutch:
Today the website is run by Sjoerd with help of Marieke, who enjoys researching and valuing the new additions of antique prints to the site.


Our collection covers the entire world and includes maps, plans and prints from the 16th to 20th century.
Our objective is in fact to have a map or view available for anyone's interest with suffice detail of the area. Today, we also have a large series of prints, which, in our view covers all areas of interest.
We can supply any Kuyper Map of the Netherlands and have a great collection of cityplans of European cities (and a growing number from outside of Europe).
We try to keep a decent range of maps and views on the Dutch provinces and cities, so you should always be able to find a map for yourself or as a present.
If you find something missing in our collection, please let us know.
We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and find the map or view you are looking for.
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