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Antique maps of Ireland

Antique maps of Ireland
last update: Mar-13-2020
Maps of Ireland on
thmbnail of Grootbrittanië en IerlandGrootbrittanië en Ierland
by Winkler Prins
190821.5 X 28 cm21 euro
thmbnail of IerlandIerland
by Kuyper (Kuijper)
188010 X 15 cm23 euro
thmbnail of übersichtskarte von Grossbritanien und Irlandübersichtskarte von Grossbritanien und Irland
by Richard Andree
189637 X 48 cm23 euro
thmbnail of Kaart  Brittiska Oarne.Kaart Brittiska Oarne.
by Stieler
186827,5 X 21,5 cm26 euro
thmbnail of Waterwegen in Grootbrittanië en IerlandWaterwegen in Grootbrittanië en Ierland
by Winkler Prins
190821.5 X 28 cm26 euro
thmbnail of Groot-Brittanje en IerlandGroot-Brittanje en Ierland
by A. Baedeker, Rotterdam
184426,5 X 20,5 cm32 euro
thmbnail of Groot-Brittanie en IerlandGroot-Brittanie en Ierland
by P.W.M. Trap
187223 X 28,5 cm42 euro
thmbnail of Groot Brittanje en IerlandGroot Brittanje en Ierland
by F. Bruins
188422 X 28 cm42 euro
thmbnail of Iles BritanniquesIles Britanniques
by Félix Delamarche
183236 X28 cm cm63 euro
thmbnail of Nova Totius Angliae, Scotiae, Et HiberniaeNova Totius Angliae, Scotiae, Et Hiberniae
by Wit, Frederik de
167056 X 48 cm363 euro
thmbnail of REPRODUCTION: Anglia, Scotia et HiberniaREPRODUCTION: Anglia, Scotia et Hibernia
by Gerard Mercator
159540 X 32 cmsold
information about map on
thmbnail of IrlandIrland
by Richard Andree
189625 X 38 cmsold
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thmbnail of Iles BritanniquesIles Britanniques
by Migeon, Sengteller, Desbuissons
188128.5 X 40 cmsold
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Maps of regions in Ireland on

A Map of Great britain and Ireland
by John Blair
170056 X 41.5 cm125 euro
Insulae Britannicae Antiquae ex collatione
by Weigel, Christoph (Witwe)
172039 X 32 cmsold

Plans of cities in Ireland on

On the Dargle
by Benjamin Fawcett, naar A.F. Lydon
187916 X 11 cm21 euro

Dromana, the Seat of Lord Grandison, on the River Blackwater
by W. Walker, naar P. Sandby, R.A.
177819 X 14,5 cm26 euro
16 plans: Bellfast (Belfast), Dublin, Limerick, Corke, Gallw
Drogheda, with the battle at the Boyne and 15 others
by nn
1750ca49 X 39 cmsold
by nn
1840ca16 X 12 cm21 euro
Pont de Clifden
by O. de Champeaux, A. Kohl
188916,5 X 9 cm16 euro
Plein te Cork waar de bewoners kijken naar de duizenden spreeuwen in de lucht,
by Jan Luyken
169815,5 X 11,5 cm47 euro
7 items
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Giants Causeway:
2 items
Visit our page of the city of Giants Causeway
by F. Meaulle naar O. de Champeuax
188917 X 13 cm16 euro
Queenstown harbour, co. Cork
by W.H. Bartlett, J.P. Heath
1840ca16 X 10,5 cm32 euro
City of Waterford, from the Dunmore Road
by W.H. Bartlett, W. Taylor
1840ca16 X 10,5 cm32 euro

Mons, comme il est au jour d´huy.

Kuyper maps
Rheden (Kad gem Velp)

The world went very well then

Townplans and views
Doornik, Tournai: Tournai, Ville Forte du Pais Bas, du Comte de Flandres

Books and atlasses
FACSIMILE: Gemeente-Atlas van de provincie Friesland 1861

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